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Friday, June 22, 2007

My Mind Is Now Blown...

This what hapens when you don't have the intewrweb at home. All the cool news pops up without you.
Tapping into the weak wi-fi signal around my house a few nights ago , I went to Ain't It Cool and saw this interesting headline:
"AICN EXCLUSIVE! Guess Who’s Shooting His IRON MAN Role Today!!"

Well, you know I had to see it before I lost the signal. I then jumped to the page and found out that another Marvel character will be showing up in next year's film, possible to have some continutiy with futer Marvel comic movies. Then, I saw who would playing ther character.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After I picked myself up off the floor after jumping up and down in my house, I had to think about this for a second: won't folks get mad becasue a Black guy is playing a White guy? Kinda sorta...
See, when the character first came out, Nick was and still is a White guy...

However, Marvel came up with a more contemporary version of the character to give him a character younger readers could feel closer to, so they came up with...

Who just sort of looks like this guy, by coinsidence...

What makes all of this so funny to me is that it won't be the first time Fury is played by a Hollywood Icon...

That's right, David Hasslehoff was the first to don the eyepatch in a tv movie for Fox that aired in 1998, written by David Goyer who went on to write the Blade movie series. I saw the televisionFury movie a few months back and remember it being pretty good. You know however that seeing Sam Jackson as Nick now will have fanboys either having a coniption fit or giggling in glee and The Hoff screaming at his agent why he's not doing the big screen version.

I can see it now: "A Life Model Decoy. When you absoLUTY, posiTIVLY, have to kill EVERY M**** F**** in the room!"

c'mon, 2008!

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