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Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Will The Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down? or "The Importance of Being Ernesto" (For Swan Shadow, although it has nothing to do with the post)

Well, it's the big day. Today, Jerry sneaks into your homes through your televisions and leaves pakages of joy and asks for your help with "his kids". I've stopped calling the first weekend in September Labor Day Weekend and just starting calling it Jerry Lewis Weekend. It's as old as I am, syndication wise and it's all I ever remember the weekend for. They may have a jones for the guy in France, but you have to give up for the guy and not just for the comedy. He's done alot raising funds for Muscular Dystropy and as controversial as some folks may think, he gets the job done getting folks to give one dollar more every year. So, I know I'll watch as much as I can this year and give a little something. If I could have a fundraiser like that to get folks to learn more about transplants, I'd do it just like him.

So in honor of Jer, I've got a couple of clips to show off. First up is a clip from the Colgate Comedy Hour. Many of you have seen Lewis perfom "The Typewriter" various times in various places, including "Who's Minding The Store"? Here it is perfomred on a actual typewriter. It's actually funnier that most of versions that I see, since Jerry uses a lot of physical humor here.

The other clip is kind of a rarity. It's an older Jerry rehearsing with the song "There's No Business Like Show Business" with one of the few later comics that can keep up with Lewis, Martin Short for Short's short lived talk show (say that ten times fast) It's cut off at the end, but it is great to see Martin and Lewis together again for the first time, if that makes sense.


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