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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Deep Thoughts

So I'm filling in for the night guy at WIXV tonight, but I had dialysis today so I wasn't really able to prep for a show I like I usually do. So I came up with a quick Question of the Night to get folks tuned in: If you had a chance to have dinner with three dead people, famous or not, no zombies, who would it be? It's a typical party breaker, but it still works and I really don't don't think the listeners would ever think about something like that (yes, it's contempt, but I'm worn out alright?). What surprized me was the calls that I got on it and it was alot of them. So niw I'm asking you who would you pick? Me, I'd have Groucho Marx, John Lennon and my mom, just so she could see I turned out to be a good cook. Of course, she'll say what are all these white guys doing here, but she'll understand. Anyways, mull it over and get back to me on it.


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