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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sam-a-rama Sunday #2

Well, it's a georgious Sunday morning here in Savannah and it's time for another issue of The Parade Magazine for goofballs. Really, the only reason I'm doing this now is to stay awake. I got to the job around 5;50 this morning and didn't get much sleep at home. So, you guys are kinda helping me stay up here. So let's do it.

My Mickey Spilane Story

A couple of years ago, Mickey Spillane said, "I'm the most translated writer in the world, behind Lenin, Tolstoy, Gorki and Jules Verne. And they're all dead...". Well, he's gone now too, along with those other great witers into the heavens. Although, I can imagine it just became a bit more grittier up there now and the devil doesn't have a chance in his own home of escaping justice.

I was saddened to hear of Spillane's death. His no nonsense writing style with it's slang and gunslinging picked up from where Chandler and others left off and can still be felt to this day. Mike Hammer may be more known for a bad tv show these days, but his written adventures were some of the best detective fiction ever written. The titles alone sold the book without even reading it. ""My Gun Is Quick", "I, The Jury", "The Erection Set". He was so cool, he even married the model on the cover of the paperback version of the last book!

Mick was also one of the few authors to play his own creation on film, when he portrayed Hammer in "The Girl Hunters" in 1964, solidifying his own tough guy image on the screen and on the pages. However, he lived a quiet life just outside of Myrtle Beach, writing his books and enjoying the beaches since the fifties.

So, where I do I come into Spillane's life? It was 1991 and there was a mini comic book convention going on at the Hyatt here in Savannah. Of course I had go. So, as soon as I walk into the lobby of the hotel, who should I see wearing his signature snap brim hat was Mickey. Let me tell you, the man was huge. If Hammer had to describe him, "He looked like a man that didn't take yap from anybody. He was a big man, the kind that looked like he could take a bear on if he wanted." The guy was literally larger than life to me. But then again, I'm only five-ten. Spillane was just bigger than normal. So, I had to just meet the guy. I walked up to him, held out my hand and said, "Mr. Spillane. I'm sorry to do this to you, but I just had to come up to meet you." He took my hand in his giant paw, shoock it and said, "Thanks, kid. Call me Mickey." I was awstruck.

I wasn't trying to be nosey, but I asked him what he was doing here in Savannah, not knowing that he only lived less than three hours away. He said he was here to see a few freinds in the hotel and wanted to stop in for lunch with his wife (not the one above, but his third and final). He asked me what I was doing here and I mentioned to him about the comic convention. He reminded me that he used to write comics in his early days, writing prose stories for Marvel in the forties. Even creating a detective character called Mike Danger before he changed his last name to something harder. I asked him would he ever to to a convention like the one upstairs and he shrugged and said, "Nahh. I wouldn't know how to handle that crowd." We talked for another minute or two while I gave him a tip or two on some good spots for food and I got his autograph. We said thanks to each other, shook hands once again and walked away. Sadly, I lost the signature, but the memory of meeting a figure like Mickey Spillane will forever live on.

Mickey Spillane never cosidered himself an author, but a writer who told stories and damn what the critics thought. One thing that he once said after dealing with those who said his books were nothing but blood, sex and violence was, "I have no fans. You know what I got? Customers. And customers are your friends." If that's the case, I made a great pal that day. Good looking out, Mickey.

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor Here's an ad for Wham-o Wheelie Bar somewhere around the mid to late sixites. It's way cool to see those Schwinn Stingrays doing tricks. Let's see Corey Hart ride these.

A Cornicopia Of Comic-Con

As I said a couple of days ago, The San Diego Comic-Con is the biggest events of the year when it comes to comics, movies and tv. More and more, it's become a huge fan fest, with its very vocal crowds and entertainemnt outlets making major announcements of upcoming projects. Here's links to just some of the once made, usually before Variety or any other finds out...

J.J. Abrams WILL be doing the film version of "Star Trek- The Original Series". Here's the link to the poster.

Venom WILL be the other villan in "Spider-Man 3", played by Topher Grace. Not too bad of a choice there, Rami.

I told you about "My Name Is Earl" getting a comic, but Steven Colbert? Now it's getting ridiculous.

If you're a fan of "Lost", you'll love the news here along with some action figures. More like "inaction" since they doen't do much but sit there and creep you out.

Same thing for "Snakes On A Plane". "Do those poor snakes on the plane really deserve to die? 'Yes, they do deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!' (Sam) Jackson exclaimed." Please, Jeebus. Let him say that in the movie!

Say hello to my little comic! Scarface is even getting a book.

Finally, the best news from the show for me. Not only will Warner Brothers finally realeasing Richard Donner's version of "Superman II" with never before seen footage, but he's also co-writing Action Comics with former assistant Geoff Johns. Spectacular.

Blog News

Swan Shadow celebrates a few milestones this month.

Mondo Daddykin was set to retire after only a two months online due to haters and such. It looks like he's back and with a vengance. Go, Daddykins, go!

I've met so many people from Montana, so when I get to see photos from Big Sky Country like Moos took, it makes me me want to move there more and more. I'd be the only Black man there, but still...

The Fink File has moved. And moved again. So has The Beat to a new home. Frickin' stay put, alright?

The Music Section Here's ther video for Men At Work's "Overkill". One of their best tunes, in my opinion.

A Question for You

Should I do a sort of Pay Pal thing to kind of help with webhosting for site, along with helping to hold future Real Sam Johnson Radio Shows? I've actually tried to upload to places like Freeweb and Yahoo Geocities that are free, but they only hold so much. Hell, I can't even get a fundraiser for a kidney transplant going right now. Let me know what you think of this, please.

And Finally...

Here's a wonderful cartoon done by UPA, who also created Mr. Magoo. This is "Christopher Crumpet", done in 1953. Enjoy it and enjoy your weekend. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of asll this today. I'll talk to you soon and thanks for reading!

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