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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sam-a-rama Magazine #3: Back In The Day

If your just getting here early and you noticed that today's post wasn't up yet, it's because I've been running between radio stations this morning. But we're here and I've got some cool shots from Friday's Back In The Day concert in Savannah. Hope you like 'em.
First off on the show was one of the first R&B/rap groups Force MD's. You may remember them from one of the best slow jams of the eighties, "Tender Love". They originally started as a quintet, sadly however two of the members have passed on, but the group still grooves on and sound just as good now as they did then.

Here's L.A. Sunshine from The Treacherous Three, who had hits such as "Body Rock" and "The New Rap Language". Here's an interesting story: When the group made their way to the radio station to do their promotion, I bumped into L.A. and he mentioned to me that I looked familier. I asked him where he was from from, not knowing that he was who he was. I knew the songs, but could never remember any photos of the group, save only seeing shots of former member Kool Moe Dee. So when I saw the group on stage, I was stupified. We got to talk later, but it was a great feeling to think that a Hip Hop legend thought I was someone from his past. I would have loved to have been there.

I knew that Rap had made it to the mainstream when I heard Tim Kazurinsky (remember that name?) do his version of "The Message" on a episode of Saturday Night Live in 1983. The song was such a huge influence on rap as you hear it today. It focused on urban life for the first time and was as raw then as it is now. So it was great to see the two men who wrote the classic, Grandmaster Melle Mel and Scorpio (touring with Grandmaster Caz on the turntables) step up to the stage. You should have seen the hands in the air once the song started up!

I've got more shots that I'll post later this evening. But let's just say that I had a great time reliving my youth and seeing these guys get the respect they deserve.


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