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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sam Johnson Returns

AND WE'RE BACK! Kinda...

I should apologize to regular readers for being gone, but honestly, I had been going thru some personally rough moments the past few weeks that had me on the ropes but still swinging, albeit blind in some places. It all culminated in what I thought was a heart attack, but was a very heavy anxiety attack last Saturday. I'm a bit better now, but it stings that I had to be stuck in a moment and I couldn't get out of it for a bit, to use U2's phrase. One of my Main Joys in life these days is the opportunity to come to the website and jot down goofy little things and folks get a giggle or two (actually, the hits have become bigger and often these days, thanks to a recent posting of a Paris Hilton here. "Stars Are Blind", indeed.) But, I'm still trying to get things settled around Casa de Sammy, so I still won't be posting as often, i.e. daily. I will however will begin posting on Sundays only for the time being, with a sort of weekly wrap up of what we usually do here: Just plain stuff. Consider the site for the time being CBS Sunday Morning without Charles Osgood with ribbed t-shirt and Levi's. Oh yeah, I've lost a few pounds as well, so I can wear that again. There's a few good things about being broke.

Superman Comes Back

Well, I suppose by now almost everyone has seen "Superman Returns", meaning that while it has done great at the box office, it has some folks kinda stymied on whether Kal-El has become a bit of a soaring romantic after leaving Earth for five years. I finally got to see the finished product two weeks ago and I thought the film was great. Not Super Great, but great. I love the fact that Bryan Singer sort of picks up where Richard Donner left off with "Superman II" ( I know Richard Lester gets the on screen credit, but that was Donner's vision that started it.) and I thought that the film hits the right notes in some places. But, there were a few things that had me thinking that they could have done a much better job in others. I was very happy with Brandon Routh's portrayal, but reading the comics as much as I do these days, I was kinda hoping to see Supes take on some real super powered baddies. Not knocking on Kevin Spacey's take on Lex Luthor, but really. Doing the heavy lifting bit get's kind of old after a while. For the love of Rao, take down a killer robot or a dinosaur let loose on Metropolis for once. Beat the hell out of a monster for once. The interpetation I've ever seen of the Man of Steel, not counting the Max Fleicher era, was the final episode of "Justice Leauge Unlimited" earlier this year, when facing intergalactic despot Darkseid, basically said that whenever they battled he would have to worry about using too much power on anyone, which could do major damage. But, with this guy, all bets were off and it was time he showed him what a Superman could really do by laying the Smacketh Down on the baddie. It's nice to see Superman as a sort of Christ figure here, but for once, can we see him as a quiet bad ass for once in the films?

As a Real Fan, this is all I ask. Maybe the giant spider robot wasn't a bad idea after all.

Do You Belive In Magic?

Here's the opening for the animated series "Mission: Magic" starring Rick Springfield in his first starring role from 1973. Honestly, the only thing good about this was the theme song, which I still jam from time to time. Hope you like it.

I Hope He Finally Got A Good Dinner

It would true if I were to say that we are losing a American resource in Borcht Belt Humor. In less than a week, comic Jan Murray then Red Buttons passed away. I know that comedy has to evolve in order to work, but guys like Red were few and far between. It seems like to me, nobody seems to do jokes just to do jokes anymore. Everybody wants a TV deal (I know I did when I tried it). A guy like Buttons was reliable when you needed a punchline here or there. I saw a clip of him during CBS News' post mortem wrap up, with Red at a podium recently saying," You've heard of 'The 2,000 Year Old Man'. Well, here comes 'The 2,000 Year Old Act' " that had me in stitches. It may have been an old act, but it worked thanks to a guy who loved to make folks laugh. He'll be missed.

Now, This Word From Our Sponsor#1

Here's a Cherrios ad featuring Underdog, circa 1967.

The Real Sam Johnson Radio Show Update

I hope that alot of you enjoyed the first two podcast I've done. I did the best that I could with them, but I'd really like to hear your imput on the programs. Do they sound okay? Am I talking too much? Is the music too ecclectic? Of course if you missed it the first time, go here for the first show to download, then here to download the second. Please let me know what you think, as I'm getting ready to work on a new show and I'd really want to know what you think. Thanks ahead of time.

Amos & Andy

Did you know that in the eighties, CBS tried to bring back "Amos & Andy" back as a Saturday Morning series for kids? I love to wonder how that would have turned out. You know that the NAACP would have had to say something about it. I've said before that the televsion series has had a stigma around it since the show started on radio and created by white men, Freeman Godson and Charles Correll in the late 20's. But, I think it did more for showing blacks in a different light. When they weren't being shown wearing blackface, of course.

Well, for anyone wondering just how good or bad the televison show was, here's a clip from the show featuring Tim Moore as the Kingfish, who was no more as ruthless the some of the characters from a UPN show these days. And a lot more funnier, I think. Now If I can just find those animated cartoons from the thirties...

Now, A Word From Our Alternate Sponsor

Here's some really cool toy commercials from the seventies. Did you have any of these?

And On That Note...

I think that's gonna do it for this week. I hope you do like the temporary new format and I hope that you'll continue to come by each week for all the goings on here. Thanks again for all your support and we'll see you here next Sunday. Same Sam Time, same Sam Channel. Be good and keep yer noses clean til then.

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