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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Let's Roll, Kato"

I think some of you know my fondness for Britt Reid and his alter ego, the Green Hornet. If not, let me upadate you a bit. The Hornet was created in the mid thirties by the same folks who created the Lone Ranger. In fact, Britt is a relative of the Ranger, either nephew or grand newphew, depending on who tells the story. Now, I could get into the history of the radio show, or go on for hours about the televsion show. We've all heard about how Bruce Lee got his start there. I just want to show you something that was just added to You Tube a day ago. Someone in France made a fan film with G.H. that looks great, even with a low bugdet. This makes me want to see a movie soon on the big screen. Have a look.

Oh, and David? You're welcome. You can stop screaming like a tween at a Taylor Hicks show now.


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