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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Clerks II Doesn't Sell" Says Joel Siegel

This is really the summer of movies for Geeks. X-Men 3, Superman Returns and coming out this Friday, Kevin Smith's "Clerks II". I've followed this guy's carreer from the beginning, through all the movies, comics and more. It interesting that he would go back to begining to get things on track after "Jersey Girl", which I thought was not a good thing. Hey, it had Affleck AND J-Lo in it, so that was a bad sign right there. Now, when I heard that the "Clerks" sequel had gotten an eight minute standing ovation at Cannes, I knew this would be a good sign for the movie. The next good sign? "Good Morning America"'s Joel Siegel walking out loudly in the middle of a press screening after watching a scene in the film describing a very foul act that I can't really say here. But, let's just say that the act has just made the box office go up after all the publicity now over it, including an on air debate between Silent Bob and Joel on The Opie and Anthony Radio Show (WAIT. These sacks still have a job? ON RADIO?!) I can't wait to see the movie now after hearing this. As for Siegel, the old phrase, "I'd like to shave his mustache and teach him to walk backwards" fits him fine here.



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