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Friday, June 02, 2006

Get Fit With Sam!

I know you may be tired of me hitting forty as much as I dread it, but in my little medical situation, I really should be happy that I've made it this far. The big problem I have about hitting 4-0 is keeping the load I know as my gut. Plus, with kidney problems, it's really not healthy to have on too much weight. I've actually lost about 10 pounds in the past two months, thanks in part to cutting back on eating (i.e. too broke to eat out) , but it's time to lose more. So, I got the key from my landlady to the excersice room she's been promising me for months and today I worked out on the one piece of equipment that was actually working or in good condition: The Ab Lounge II.

I know you've seen the infomercials on it. Somebody you know may own one already. If you haven't tried one of these things out, you should. My aunt had something like this years ago when I was a kid and I thought it was a pretty cool toy. If I had known that it was supposed to get your abdominal muscles in shape, I would be in the NFL by now. Instead, I'm making up for not becoming the linebacker I should have been.

I got on the machine like I would a lounge chair (That was simple. Just pretend that I'm sitting in a cheap beach chair), then grab the strap in back, placed my feet on the hooks and leaned back and forth. I can say, I didn't want to quit. I wound up on that thing for fifteen minutes and my guts hurt. Actually, I felt the burn they talk about in the gyms and it's a mutha. I did what must have been about five sets of ten, which is like fifty sit-ups. You couldn't get me to do 2 and a half with a hundred dollar bill sitting in front of me. But, I did it and I'm glad.

After that, I decided that this is the work out for me. Just like the ad says, do fifiteen minutes a day, three times a week, and I'll have rock hard abs before I know it. I kinda like the sound of that. Finally being able to have a body to wear all those Superman t-shirts. I can't wait to show off my torso when I'm done. WHOO-HOO!

Speaking of losing the poundage, big shout out to Mark, who went in last week for a Gastric Bypass operation. While I'm not going through the same work out as he is, having too much weight is a serious thing people fight everyday. I hope that when it's all said and done we both and hopefully YOU, if you're going thru the same struggle, get to see the people that we really should be.



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