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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Who's Your Daddykin?

In 1978, I had a very small record collection, but I was very proud of it. It was only a few Power Records that had Superheroes, but the two I cherished the most were Al Hirt's "The Horn and The Hornet", which was passed down to me by my dad and featured the trumpet player doing theme song from various late '60's shows, including his own from "The Green Hornet". The other was the very first album I ever bought myself, "Sunday Morning With The Comics", which featured theme songs from comic book related shows. I treasured those albums and played them over and over. Then one day when I went to the living room stereo to play them after I didn't listen after a few weeks, I noticed they were gone. Someone had taken all my records and they them away. I cried for days after that and realized that one of my older sisters had done away with my things. The same thing happened two years before, when someone threw away my Archie lunchbox with my marbles and baseball cards. I figured out with sister it was now, by the way. Quite honestly, we don't speak and haven't since 1984. Yes, I hold a grudge like a fat kid with an ice creme cone. Don't fault me.

Fast forward now to last week, where I found out about a cool new musicblog called Mondo Daddykin that features great bubblegum pop and cool soundtracks from the sixties to the seventies. So, as a challenge, I asked him to to please, if could ever find them, the two most important pieces of my youth. Lo and behold, he had them both and posted them with downloadable links within two days. I nearly cried when I saw them. I was floored he even had "Sunday Morning".

I hit forty years old in June. As of this moment, life has been hell for me and things have not been good. Today, I've never been happier now that I have something to remember the good times. Maybe the guy has something you like. Check him out.

You hear that, David?


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