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Sunday, May 28, 2006

They're Spoiling Radio For Me...

I love the gig I started when I was sixteen, but I swear we ain't smart. First, we start in the good ol' U.S. Of A...

Restaurant Says DJs Stiffed Them
INDIANAPOLIS -- Two Indianapolis radio DJs have created controversy over a $42 restaurant tab in which they left the waiter holding the check, but the station insists it was just a stunt. An unpaid bill at the Red Eye Café left several people seeing red. The Red Eye staff said 93.1 Radio Now morning radio DJs Marco and Mikey stiffed them on a tab of $42.08.
Police said Marco ordered a meal for everyone, but when the server came back to collect the check, they were gone.

I swear...They're gonna ruin it for me next time I go to Burger King. I shoulda stuck to doin' TV.


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