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Monday, May 29, 2006

My Birthday Plans

I have made a decision for what to do on my fortieth birthday and I think this maybe a good idea...

Step one: Eat.
Step two: Get drunk.
Step three: Profit.

Okay, so first I'd like a good steak. Now that would mean going out to the Southside of Savannah to go off to Logan's for a New York Strip. I don't do chain restarants anymore, but I think that Logan's has some of the best cuts of beef in the world. One hell of alot better than Outback, in my opinion.

Next, I would like to drink. Now as you know, I don't really drink anymore due to my kidney ailment. But, the doctors do say I can have at least one drink. And, not having had a drink in over a year means I'm gonna get loopy after just one shot of scotch whiskey. Which should be fun and make me cute to women. Besides, I've already told my best friend Jeff McDermott this and the fact that he's driving me that day. "Where the hell is the fun in that!?, " he said. So, it looks like we'll need a third for this.

Third, I want DVD's for my birthday and tv show boxsets. I doubt I'll get anything for my birthday, but anyone who gets me a good tv show boxset will be in my good graces until the cows come home.

I know that none of this will probably happen, but I'm making my birthday wishes now. After all, if I can aask for the new kidney, I guess I can ask for this. If none of this comes about, I'll take this, as the whole magilla seems like a longshot...

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