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Friday, May 19, 2006

Fox On The Run

Here's the link for Fox's Fall schedule, including "Duets", Simon Cowell's new show featuring C-and D-list celebs who'll sing with other folks for their moment in the spotlight. I'd just love to see who they'll get for this show. Flavor Flav? Judy Tenuta? Michael Jackson? He could use a good shot right now.

Also, here's the link to The CW's new site. I can't wait to see how the shows fare on the new network, including the pairing of "Gilmore Girls " and "Veronica Mars". However, having The Black Eyed Peas singing the praises of the CW leaves me cold. "My Humps" and the group screwing around with Sergio Mendez songs have mede them dead to me.

Just a couple of other things...I hope Brent doesn't mind me doing the TV reviews . I know that's his thing, but I've been on a dry spell as of late and I'd been trying to get caught up with the outside world as of late as things are topsy turvy here. I'll give everyone my opinion of the full new Fall schedule later this evening, I hope.

Finally, Dave Hewitt asked me via email if the dreaded "Wife Swap" was coming back this Fall. Dave, personally I hate the show and as you may have read here, I don't like mmany of the reality shows that run. But, it will be back this fall, paired with "The Bachelor" on Mondays. I know that there's more than "Wife Swap" on at eight, but that's just me. I hope that helps, Dave.


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