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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Blue Eyed Soul Patrol

This is the one post that I dreaded writing, simply because I'm not really a fan of American Idol. However, last night suprised me. Considering I was flipping to that and the season finale of "Lost", which I some how got into watching in only two months. As usual, I digress. Whenever a cheesy song was on and that was almost all night, I quickly turned back from Fox to ABC. I did stay however for two great moments on the show: watching Prince perform ALONE (Idols? Prince don' need no steekin' idols!) and seeing Taylor Hayes win. It was cool to see Hicks win it, has I thought he was the least likely guy to walk away with it from looks alone. I saw a few of the shows over the months and thought the guy was okay, but never to win it. The way I see it however is that in the long run, with all the votes the guy got, I doubt he has a top 40 radio career. I do however think the guy has a soudful enough voice to do well on Classic Rock stations and cd's for adults 30 and older. I do wish the guy good luck and hope he does well.

All that being said, the whole show smelled like Wisconson during cheese harvest time. Dionne Warwick? Meatloaf? Meatloaf can't sing the songs Meatloaf used to sign these days. And who let the time poral open for Past Clay and Future Clay to come together? Doesn't that disrupt something Einstein talked about? What about Future Clay and his new look? The boy looked like a Brokeback Beatle. Like I said, I watched the show long enough for the good parts and flipped for the rest. There was one little thing I did miss however that I did find online, thanks to Defamer...Michael Knight crying like they just blew up K.I.T.T. whe they announced the winner. Did somebody tell him that he's gotta judge his own cheesewheel talent show, "America's Got Talent" next month. Cry like that on the show and Regis will pop the hell outta you for that.


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