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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who New To "The View"?

Okay, so we now know that Katie Couric is headed off to CBS to anchor the news and Meredith Viera has been tapped to take over the today show. But, here's the thing now. Who's gonna take over Meredith's spot on "The View"? Other than Lisa Ling, she was the ONLY reason why ever watched the show. I hate the new girl ( I know her name is Elizabeth, but she ain't no Lisa for one, she was on Survivor for number two, and she stinks for number three) , Joy Behar isn't that funny, and Barbara Walters just calls it in. Please...don't get me started on Miss "My farts smell of perfume and I sniff my own farts"sniffing Star Jones. I just hope they can find somebody that at least doesn't mae me want to tosss my coffee cup at my tv scren every morning.

Not that I watch, mind you. I mean, I ain't got cable and it's either that or "Divorce Court"


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