"Say, does this look funny to you?"

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Warning...

I sat around yesterday and thought about an April Fool's joke that was so mean, so diabolical, that I thought I would never do anything to hurt the readers. But, I know we have some brave souls out there who love to face danger and I thought. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I'm going to take my chances on letting you in on this.

So, I will warn you. Do not click on this link. If you value your sanity. By all that is holy, PLEASE! Don't click on the link if care about your well being and the care of your family. After viewing the site, I was thrown in a catatonic statemomnetarily as I wasn't ready for what I would see. If you are faint of heart, if you are prone to shock, if you are pregnant with child, then DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK! What it would do to you is unknown and whether or not you are prepared to see what unfolds is up to you. Remember, you can click to the link but be warned. Men have tried to lock away it's power, but it is too dangerous to put away. Beware...


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