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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Knifin' Around

Well, the bad news is the on Friday I go back in for surgery again. It'sreally staring to get irritating, plus you can only eat so much hopsital food in a month. I always order tuna fish while I'm there. You really can't screw up tuna salad, but I digress. The doctor and I talked before and he's certain that things will be better this time around. As it went the last time, he did some work moving a vein towards my bicep, but that may have complicated things, so he's gonna go back and do some correction. I told him also since I have to go back to the O.R., let's fix me up with some bionics and a tummy tuck, just to make all of this worth while. We'll see what happens.

But, while I'm gone I had a great idea. If you noticed in my little stand up act below, I mentioned the list or the 100 unsexiest men. So, how about we all come up with the 100 unsexiest women? I know there's loads of them out there, and it's not to be sexist, but there are just some women out there who think their hot but are no closer to looking better than Gilbert Gottfried. So, get your list together and I'll try to compile it here soon. Once the drugs wear off. See you soon.


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