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Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Few Quickies...

A note to our Savannah readers. WSAV TV is celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year with special programming at 11:30 every Sunday night. I'm kind of consulting on the shows as I'm a bit of a tv buff, as they'll run some of the classic Abbottt and Costello sitcoms of the fifties, along with other great shows to follow. So, give 'em a shot if you black and white tv.

I don't know if you've seen below, but somehow we've gotten over 11,000 hits here, but as to where they come from, I have no idea. I'm debating whether to change the counter all together or just show off the fact that I'm getting all those hits. I'm a showoff, I guess.

You know how a town has its quirky citizens and how they seem to just pop up everywhere yiou go? We've got a few of them here in Savannah, exluding the writer. We lost one of them a few days ago. His name was Robert Hall, but everybody knew him as "Pictureman". He would go to bars or the basebal field and take Polerroid phots of folks for a small price. The thing was he was deaf and you really couldn't understand a word he sdaid unles you knew him well enough. I knew the guy when I was just a kid and he would stop by my dad's store all the time to byuy records. When I got older, he was still hitting the bars and taking shots, always telling me how he would rake in hundreds of dollars from just taking pictures. I know alot of folks would pick on him and call him "Shorty", but I knew that the guy was making more money than they were and enjoying his life. And I enjoyed libving in it. Thanks for taking my picture, Pictureman.

And that's all I got for now. Have a great Easter, everyone.


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