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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

About The Videos...

You know, one of the great thing about having time on your hands is that fact that you can sit down from time to time and come of with stupid polls that at least folks coming back to your site. I think I'm gonna keeop it going now until next Friday just to see how things go on this. I have looked at the results so far and while it isn't Amercian Idol (I caught the cast off tonight and Kellie Pickler was sent home, which all of them SHOULD have been kicked off for the horrible Queen show they did a couple of weks ago, which by the way was the first time I saw it in since they started this season, but I digress as usual), I can say that there is a tie for first. I won't say who, but which ever one wins will be a big surprize to all. Also, I wanted to use the term " most unsexiest" because frankly, I didn't want to just come out and say "skank", as that would have just been too mean.

As for the You Tube videos that I've been adding here, I do hope that you like the choices I've selected. Once again, free time gave me the opportunity to find them and post them here. I personally am hooked on the Japanese pizza spot featuring Bob Sapp. I gotta say, it's a hilarous site to see a large Black man dancing around like that for some strange reason. Bob just seems out of place there, but it works. Why this isn't a viral video and hasn't been sent all over to the point where it winds up on VH1 is beyond me.

I've found a few more videos that I'm ready to post, but I'm biding my time. They really arte incredible and I can't wait to show them to you. That is, if you aren't like me these days and haven't seen them yoursaelf already.


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