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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tales From The Comic Box #5

This isn't a post about comics per se, but more about my favorite day in the world.
At the crack of dawn in the middle of the week, there's alot of things to to look forward to. The weekend is getting closer, you have one more day until Thursday night television ("My Name Is Earl", "The Office", and having to flip between "Everyone Hates Chris" and the first half of "Smallville") and most importantly, NEW COMICS ON WEDNESDAY!
That's the time that Diamond Distributers send out the new books to the stores. Now to most it's an ordinary day. But to us fanboys, it's like getting manna from Heaven. LIke a kiss from a girl. Like finding out that you're actually a Trump. A thrill.
Ever since I switched the days I was going to dialysis, New Comics Day has been wonderful for me. The Comic Box is filled with usual supects everyweek to pick up their favorite items and going over other books that seem interesting. All while conversing over some of the the most nerdiest topics in the world. "24", the internet, what's up with Supergirl dressing like a slut, bad movies...Geek stuff. It's hilaroius and yet, fun.
You know how guys sit around and talk about car specs, or the latest conquests at the bar? Yeah, it's kinda like that. It's a smorgasborg of pop culture. Kinda like a lodge meeting or outcasts.
Yes, lodge meetings. As in the Royal Order of Water Buffaloes. We have our own secret grettings ( Well...some of us. They won't tell me), our own secret language ( You try figuring out what the gamers and anime fans are talking about sometimes), and myterious conversations about stuff that if the average person just walked in and tried to jump in, would be looked at like an intruder and taken off into the icy world of Hoth and left there for the Banthas. Okay, not that extreme, but you get the point. A nerdternety.
Going to the Comic Box on Wednesdays is the most fun I get every week at this point. I get to hang out with good folks, shoot the bull and get my weekly fix, all at once. With my world going crazy for about six days, it's good to have the one day where I can cut loose and let my geek flag fly. I want to thank them for letting me. And thank the guys who stop by every Wednesday or their fix as well.
New meeting next Wednesday.


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