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Monday, March 06, 2006

I wish I could quit talkin' 'bout Oscar...

Last one and I'm done talking about the Oscars. Promise.

I brought up on the air today Three 6 Mafia's win and everyone who called in was surprized, as they didn't even watch the show. Viewership was down 10% from last year, so that explains that. So, to get one final reaction, I contacted our man in Hollywood, Mark Evanier via email..

You and I agree with the way Jon Stewart handled the show, however, I just wanted to know your feelings on Three 6 Mafia winning the Oscar For Best Song. Being in radio and living down South, I've known about the group for years, but seeing those guys winning that award had me> flipping out for hours. The only problem I had though was during the> perfomance with the choreography. They could have looked like they did it on the Amercian Music Awards and come off like thugs, but the dancing looked out of place and reminded me of how Oscar can make a> good song look bad. The same could be said for the song from 'Crash". Did they really need a burning car in the background?

Says Mark...

I didn't understand that at all. I thought it was great that guys who were that happy won the Oscar. I've never seen them perform anywhere else so I don't know how the staging made them look compared to how they usually look. But that's a rough stage to fill and I don't think the Oscars are usually shot well.
Needless to say, If D4L ever gets a nod form the Acadamy, I will quit going to the movies forever.


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