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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Great Apes I Have Known

Here's the suit I wore to the clinic today. It was quite stuffy, and actually kinda hard to get to the site on my chest with all the fur and muscles, but we got it done. I also had problems with folks upset with me because I was celebrating today. I had a bunch of hippie kids get in my face
and tell me that it's wrong to wear a gorilla suit in these trying times. How dare they preach the words of Charlton Heston to me! So, I grabbed the first one and under my breath said, "Get your hands off me, you damn dirty human!" Then, I took out my banana and slapped them stupid, then reminded them that this is America, and if a Black man wants to walk around in a gorilla suit, then he's gonna do it! I slapped 'em again and danced away doing the monkey. FIGHT LIKE APE!

There is of course forfathers to this movement. One of the most famous of them is Bob Burns. You don't know his face, but you've seen him in lots of movies and television shows in his suit for years. one of his biggest roles was as Tracy in the original "Ghost Busters" tv show that ran on CBS Saturday mornings from 1975 to '76 with "F-Troopers" Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker. If it wasn't for him telling folks to "Let my monkey go", we wouldn't be free to wear our suits. Thanks, Bob. We all stand tall, if apes could stand fully erect on a daliy basis, thanks to you, sir.

Of course, there's Ernie Kovacs, Roddy McDowell, Don Martin,The Great Grape Ape, Magilla Gorilla and many others. I say to you today, this very special day...Get to know your inner ape. It's a good feeling.


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