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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Julia Roberts should have waited to get the rights to this...

I'm not sure if it's irony that I'm posting this right above the last story, but it had to go somewhere and I gotta talk about it because, one: you can't make this stuff up; and two, it happened in Georgia. Yes, we are that stupid. After all, CNN started here.

The whole "Runaway Bride" thing was a sad, ridiculous tale that should have never happened. Couldn't Jennifer Wilbanks just tell her fiancee she didn't wanna jump the broom? She goes and runs off, freaking everyone in Duluth, Georgia and the U.S.ofA. out of their gourd. If she didn't want to get married, then she should have just given the guy a Dear John letter. You want to know the sad part of it all? The dumb scmhuck of a groom is saying that he'd still marry her. Dude, don't you get it? Walk away now! She'll do it again! Okay, maybe it could have been because 500 people would have showed up at the wedding, which would have meant nobody would have been monitoring the 9-11 lines or running the Slurpie pump at the 7-11, but come on! What makes you think she'll be there for the honeymoon? If she's dumb enough to give up a $250 ice bucket as a wedding gift, then good for her. I say let's put this sad tale behind us, America and get back to more simpler things. Like Star Wars...

Just to let you know, I haven't slept in two days due to a bad side affect of new medicine I've been taking for anxiety. Needless to say, I won't be taking that drug again, as tend to go off on rants as well, it seems. Posted by Hello


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