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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Winner Of Last Comic Standing IS...


So, how did I know before you? Well, NBC got the rating back for the show and it wasn't pretty. It was their fault anyway for rushing the show back so soon. The finals will be shown on Comedy Central this weekend, however so you can root for THE LOSERS! HA! I TOL' YOU ALONZO WAS GON' WIN DAT THANG!YEAH, WHAT!? I'm sorry...After the VH1 thing, I've been wildin' out. Damn that rap music.


Blogger Pandora said...

I don't care if the ratings were terrible or don't get to the very last show and then not air it! I am so upset about this that I even wrote a letter to NBC to tell them how mad it made me.

Alonzo was robbed of his chance to be the winner on network TV...that makes me upset as well.

Well, I guess I WON'T be watching on Comedy Central because I CAN'T!!

8:14 AM  

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