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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Shatner Sings...Again!

I just got finished watching the premiere of "Boston Legal" with William Shatner in what could be cult hit for his portrayal of attorney Denny Crane. I dig the fact that he basically plays an exaggeration of himself in the role. A larger than life character who could care less about everyone else. All you need now is a green woman and Adrian Zmed to push around and the show would be even bigger.

Shatner has been many men to many people, if not the least, a...Well, vocalist. His first album, "The Transformed Man", wasn't a million seller. Hell, it probably never even sold as much as Nimoy's album, but it was a classic, somehow. If anything, "Mr. Tambourine Man" ROCKS. If you're in the mood for that sorta thing.

Big Willie's got a new album coming this Tuesday called "Has Been", his first full work since 1968, and let me tell you, it's wonderful. Yes, it's spoken word for the most part, but it's produced by Ben Folds, who is one of the best undertheradar singer/songwriters out there and deserves more press. I know he will after this. The album has it's funny moments, with tunes like "You'll Have Time", which mocks life itself and Bill reminding you that "By the time you hear this, I... May be next", and a cover of Pulp's "Common People". But, it also has it's very somber moments, as in "What Have You Done", which recreates how Shatner's third wife, Nerine, drowned in their swimming pool. I'm not going to say this is the album of the year, because I'm not a music reviewer like my pals Jeff McDermott and Bobby Ruggerio. I play what I like though and I'm going to buy this album. It's that good to me. Here, take a listen. I promise, you'll like it or I swear I'll show up here in the blog IN A MUMU.That's right, I said it. I MEAN IT. Just forget that last one since it's been 26 years ago and we'll be fine.


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