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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Re: Your Answers

You know, you guys could have asked me anything. I hoped alot of you would. But, you didn't. If you wanted me to ask you something, I would have. You can still ask me anything, but know this...

I'm very hurt this first time around. Don't touch me...I'm upset.

Here we go.

My Man Monkey ( some folks have called him "The White Sam Johnson") had a few questions:
''Tell us about something you did once in your life that you regret more than anything else - something so bad you'd go back in time to rectify it?"

I don't regret anything I ever did in my life. I've had my good moments and bad one, but nothing I can say I would change. Everything is a lesson in life andf I don't want to back to school again.

Ok...there was this ugly chick I went to bed with years ago. It was great until the lights came on...Ewww.

You knew I was gonna go there.

"What exactly is on your computer desk right now - and WHY?"
I have two PC's. One's a laptop, the other's fullsized and old. On the laptop table, there's bills that are calling me to love them. On the big desk, stacks of old comics and magazines. The reason why...'Cause I'm a slob.

"Have you ever shoplifted?"
Yes, three days before Christmas, 1979 at David's Supermarket. I didn't get whoppin', I got worse. I didn't get my presents until January 15th, 1980. AND, they took back my Cylon Warrior to the store.

Kevin said:
"You stole this from me! I will sue you 5 pop songs ever?"

For that my friend, I shall refer you to an older post about putting together a mix tape, including a top ten. Just take any five outta those and I'll be fine. More questions later, I hope (ahem readers), but now read the next post above...


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