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Thursday, October 07, 2004

"Now, Here's My Plan..."

About a year ago, I wrote about how the Goodlife Television Network was running the color episodes of the Honeymooners. This season, they've outdone themselves. I've got their full season here, and man, I feel just like a kid again. "I-Spy" AND "The Man" & "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E" ALL IN THE SAME WEDNESDAY NIGHT! I nearly dropped when I flipped the remote from "Smallville" to find a young Robert Culp and an angry young Cosby on my screen.I feel bad for anyone born after 1971. "All In The Family" may have made televison entertainment more relevant, but it sure as heck took out the fun content of it all. Try to sell a show like "The Six Million Dollar Man" now, they'll give it six weeks before they drop it for another. I miss old TV. 'sigh'

Anyways, if you deal with satillite, I feel bad for you. Comcast owns this channel, so you'll be left out. Look, you guys have got Trio and Boomerang, so this is a fair trade. Now, if someone would only run "Get Smart", I'd never leave the house again. So, here's today's poll: What classic TV show would you never get off of the couch to watch?

Speaking of TV, I got hold of a few cool shpws while I was in Dragon*Con last month, including what could be possible one of the worst ones of all time: Challenge Of The Superheroes. It's as Bad as you think it is. So bad, I love it. I'll give you a review soon.


Blogger Pandora said...

You said it...I think "Get Smart" would be one of the ones I would love to see again.

"I feel bad for anyone born after 1971." Truer words have never been spoken. :-)

8:02 AM  
Blogger david said...

Napoleon Solo - COOL! And the music to the show -- pure classic!

ALSO: Caught a few minutes of "The Courtship Of Eddie's Father" on the Goodlife channel this evening...flashback!

12:01 AM  

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