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Monday, October 11, 2004

A Loss For Words...

It's taken me long enough to say something...Only because I didn't know how. But, I'll try.

This weekend, my brother Anthony turned fifty years old. It was a gala celebration, bringing my brothers and sisters together. It's been nearly eight years since I'd seen most of them. We wound up laughing and crying and very happy to see each other. The best part for me was to see how much I had grown up, knowing that I'm not a little boy anymore, and that I garner as much respect that I want or deserve.

So, around 2:15 a.m. eastern, when I heard about the death of Christopher Reeve, it hit me like a ton. When the first Superman film came out, I never got to see it in the theater because no one took me. But, I followed it as much as I could, always running to the TV or grabbing the newspaper whenever it was mentioned. I grew in awe of the man who would be the Man of Steel, knowing that this would make him the biggest star in the world. And, when I finally did get to see the film on Home Box Office in 1980, I was literally blown away by the sheer site of the man. Chris Reeve was the coolest guy in the world to me.

The last time I knew that I had to grow up was when I heard word that my mother passed on October 25, 1982, just one week after her 50th birthday. After this past weekend, oddly enough,
I've officially become an adult.

Maybe he WAS Superman after all...


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