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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Kibbles and Bitz

I start training for my new Sunday show tomorrow. It's too bad they don't stream radio stations online like they used to, otherwise you could here me. BUT, if you want, the requestline number is 912-947-0093. You could call up between 4-8 pm, eastern of course, and we can yack for a second or two. Cool, huh?

So, I'm watching Boston win the ALCS and all I can say is, wicked funny. All it took was to trade Nomar and they got the series. I would say everyone in Boston is getting drunk right now, but they've been that way since 1776. But, now they can drink AND they have a reason to party. Braves Fan.

It's official: Brandon Routh IS Superman, according to Variety. I wish Bryan Singer, his cast and crew the best of luck on this project. The story deals with Superman returning to Earth after leaving for six years, following the continuity of the first two films. Sad to think that Richard Pryor and Robert Vaughn doesn't exist on Earth anymore.

Hey, are you guys using the blogroll and the Old Time Radio station below? I have been too busy to bust down to add anymore names and I have ALOT of sites I want to link, or at least the ones that have linked to me. I don't want you to think that I only have one favorite, or it's a personal one. So out of fairness, I'll change it as soon as I can.

I know I'm late on this, but did anyone see Jon Stewart bust on the guys on Crossfire? Hell, yeah!

Notes to friends: Jeff, Tina...If you're reading this, I miss you guys. Can we go to lunch this weekend? Gwen, sorry I never called you about the new baby. Congrats! Mark, hope your wrist is better. We need more GROO!

I just bought The Nutty Professor, The Bellboy, and The Errand Boy on DVD. If you love Jerry Lewis, or just want to bust a gut laughing, get these!

I think I'm going to go with my real name on the radio. I know way too many folks in this town to call myself MC Pee Pee Pants or crap like that.

Well, I gotta get some sleep. Talk to you tomorrow!


Blogger Pandora said...

That is so cool about the new job. And I'm going to call you one of these days just for fun!

Good luck! :-)

7:55 AM  

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