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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Is He Superman?

Just days after the death of Christopher Reeve, word has leaked that Warner Bothers has found their new Superman, after years of hassle and Nick Cage.Unknown Brandon Routh has taken the role, allegedly. This could either be a red herring or it could be a ploy by the WB to get more heat from the film, due to Reeve's death. I think if this guy works out in the gym after three months, he could fit the suit. We'll see in the next fdew days if the story is true. Until then, here's the story that broke it.


Blogger Pandora said...

Brandon Routh was fired from a soap opera because he couldn't act. If they are going to go that route, they may as well chose Tom least he is getting some practice by being on Smallville.

8:50 AM  

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