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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Ahhh, something new has been added!

I love to do the upkeep on the The Real Show. My old man was a tv repairman (you remember those guys?) who was always telling me that I should take up his job. I am so glad I didn't. Besides, I was lousey at it anyways. If I worked on it, either you would have been picking up unauthorized government signals or you would have no picture at all. I also no nothing about cars. So, don't ask me what the converter does. I crank, it moves, end of story.

So, when i got home from The Bar Bar last night, I added a few things for your entertainment. One is The Blogroll, where you can link you favorite sites to the page. It's been long coming, so I hope to make it worth while, especially for bloggers who deserve the recognition. All I ask is that if I add you, gotta add me to yours. It's only fair.

Another is the archives. I've made them monthly instead of weekly. Frankly, it takes up less room. I had that way originally so if you missed the week before, you could go back to that one to check it out. I think this is much nicer now though, since I post more often now than previous.

The best addition is a personal favorite that I want to share with you. It's the Radio Spirits Old Time Radio Station. Old time Radio has been a bit of a hobby of mine for awhile. Honestly, I'd rather listen to The Jack Benny Program than According To Jim anyday, plus it's something you can get the entire family into. The shows work on Windows Media and the best part is it updates everyday, so it's always different. You can even purchace thenshown that your listening to, which greedy as it is, is cool since I get a percentage of the sale. That part, I'm proud to say will go toards The Sam Johnson's Gettin' A Kindey Fund! That's right! The fundraising starts NOW.
There will be other events and items to buy coming down the line, but this is the first. So, listen in and buy up. The station, along with the blogroll are on the left of the page, just under the archives. I hope you like the new stuff as much as I like adding them. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks for reading.


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