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Monday, September 13, 2004

Who's The Man?

Recently at The Monkey Cage, the subject of THE MAN was brought up in between Monkey's daily Pimp Slap and ranting about his wife's love for Clay Aiken. I would like to add my comments on such, as they were seen on the page, with some added notes.

You wanna know who "The Man" is? I'll tell ya who he is. I got friends in low places who tells me this stuff.

He's the guy who doesn't give you rollover minutes on your cell phone.

He created PAX TV.

He reminds you everyday to eat your veggies...the bad ones like Brussel Sprouts.

The Man often disguies himself as that Austrailian guy who keeps selling those pushbrooms on television to pick up chicks at bars.

You know that "Garfield The Movie " that came out this summer? He produced it. Oh, and co-wrote it. WITH HIS BROTHER.

He created pitted prunes so they could be more "enjoyable".

The Man made Kenny G the star he is today.

He told Hugh Hefner that maybe he should put more articles, less boobies in Playboy.

He had the idea for the Chia Pet.

"The Man" came up with Pepsi Edge in his sleep.

The Man has a sidekick...Little Man.

You know that whole California election recall thing last year? THE MAN. He did it all as a joke to see of Arnie would really do it.

He likes sushi, but HATES Captain D's.

He loves the soft sounds of Perry Como while drinking a mai tai.

He still keeps a lifetime supply of Hai Karate in his basement at 45 degrees, celsius.

The Man puts ranch dressing on EVERYTHING.

Told Ben and J-lo to break up and made Britney get married.


I'm telling ya...Be carefull around The Man. But, look out for Mr. Charlie. Now THAT is a mean Sonavabitch.


Blogger Pandora said...

Wait, I'm confused....Kenny G is a STAR???

6:41 AM  
Blogger Monkey said...

You have a better grasp on who THE MAN is than I do! At least YOU know what to look out for!
Gotta run - "The Man" says I have to help with cooking supper.
(My wife = THE MAN!)

8:26 PM  

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