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Monday, September 13, 2004


How ya doin'?
I gotta sidekick.

I'm probably the happiest guy on the web right now. I think I've got the best woman in the world on my side right now. Just to remind you who didn't read the last post, her name is Susan. She's smart, funny, sexy, and a redhead. She has two sons, one's twenty and the other's eighteen, I think. She lives in Buckhead, which a section of Atlanta. Oh yeah, did I mention she likes me?

We met at Wet Willie's on Saturday. I just happened to have the night off and thought I'd stop in for a moment. So, I'm sitting around when I notice this woman walk into the place. She was being hit on by a bunch of drunk frat boys looking to get laid, but she was having no part of it. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting there watching the crowd, when we actually noticed each other. I have no idea what hit me afterwards, but somehow I walked up to her and asked her to dance. We did pretty well on the floor, while pissing off the frat boys who had no chance.

After the dance, Susan and I found out a few things about each other. She decided to come to Savannah to get her mind off of a few things. I had told her I was just in Atlanta to do the same thing. "How come we didn't meet then? It would have made my last week alot eaiser", she said.

After a while, I walked her back to her hotel room, which just happened to be next door to the bar. We wound up talking even more into the night, when we both realized that it was late. So, I asked her out for dinner on Sunday and she agreed. I got a kiss goodnight and floated out of the room, at least 20 feet.

THe next night, we went to a great place called Tappas, which is as you can tell, a tappas restaurant. The meal was exellent and she was wonderful, wearing a off the shoulder blouse. From there, we walked to the Mercury, where we had drinks and talked more about music. She loves Velvet Revolver, 311, Outkast, and is a big Monty Python fan. Whatta woman.

Soon, it was time to head back to her hotel. We walked holding hands and joking the whole time about Johnson Square here in town and the monuement to a fallen major in the middle of it. Somehow, we wound up talking about phallic symbols since the monuement mentioned that it was a shaft with the remins of the major. Soon, the name Shaft Johnson came up and we were rolling with it the whole way home. I told you all I had a cool last name.

We got back to the room and talked some more, me telling her about dialysis and her teling me that she actually worked in a clinic years before she became a doctor's wife, so she completly understood what was going on with me. Not wone woman I have met since this started has ever really gotten it until Susan came along. So, After awhile, we kind of agreed that maybe we should see each other more. She said yes. We were both happy. She's a great kisser.I think I made her happy this weekend. I know I was.

I hope she sticks around for awhile.


Blogger Pandora said...

I'm happy for you Sam, and I hope things go well. :-)

6:40 AM  

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