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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Survival of the fittest

Survivor is coming back tonight. WHOOP-DEE-DOO.

I ain't watching it. I stopped after the first season. It was worth it.

Because of that show, there's loads of reality shows out there. I don't even want to name them all, because they aren't really worth mentioning. Here's the way it breaks down for me...

Best Celeb Reality Show: The Osbournes. The fact that they put this family on national television alone makes it funny. The real Ozzy fans knew what he like all along: a buzzed out, befuddled man with a slick wife who still rocks out on stage. OZZY RULES!

Best Dating Show: NONE. If I ain't datin', then why do I have to see a loser give a rose to some woman who'll dump him later?

Best Reality Show, Et Al: The Apprentice. This is reality. You want it bad enough, you're gonna work for it. Then, you gotta work for Trump. Screw it up, you don't get voted off. You get fired. THAT IS REALITY. You don't get a rose when you mess up a Whopper at Burger King. There's no tribal council at the real estate office. Your ass is LET GO, with the point of The Cobra.

I know the Mark Burnett is in charge of both Survivor and The Apprentice. You know he's got to be loaded by now. Both shows run on Thursday night. "Survivor" runs an hour earlier on CBS, but "Apprentice" on NBC is better. It's set in NYC. When the hell are you gonna go to Vanatu or whatever it's called. It's set here in the Land Of Opportunity, not some castle. It has a real outcome , meaning you have a fantastic job when it's over, not just some minor celebrity to show up on a whatever happened to show six months down the line. You are in charge of what happens in the game.

As soon as "Will and Grace" is over (I actually like that show. Great writing, wonderful cast), I'm going to watch tonight's Super-Sized edition of "The Apprentice" and get a lesson in business that would have taken me ten years of college to get by watching Proffessor Donald Trump. Maybe other risinbg and failing companies should see how it's done.

So, what's your favorite reality show?


Blogger Pandora said...

My favorite is a close tie between Survivor and the Amazing Race. I also like the Apprentice and Last Comic Standing (if that can be considered a reality show.) That's about it. I don't watch dating ones either.

I can't wait until game shows make a comeback! :-)

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Redneck Diva opening her big ol' piehole again!

I used to watch the Bachelor until it just got too freakin' sexual. I watched the first season of Average Joe with much fervor and excitement. So much so that my girlfriend and I would call each other during each and every commercial through the entire show! (Yes, we're hard-pressed for entertaiment here in the Midwest, lol.) Anyway, at the end when she didn't even PICK the freakin' Joe - OH MAN was I pissed. I refused to watch the second season and in fact, swore off reality TV altogether. I do like Extreme Makeover, however, for it's gripping, well, reality. With a heart-touching edge ya know. Wife Swap looks intriguing, but I have this nagging feeling it will disappoint.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention Newlyweds! I didn't even know who Nick and Jessica WERE until one night I was sick and was lying on the couch wallowing in self-pity and I started watching a Newlyweds marathon. For me it's kind of like when you're driving by a really bad car wreck and you don't wanna look...but you really can't stop yourself... I am ashamed to admit that I DO watch that one regularly. *hangs her head in shame*

10:42 PM  

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