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Thursday, September 02, 2004

One more piece of politics

I'm watching G.W.'s speech at the R.N.C. and just watched two protesters pulled out. Amazing.

Anyways, I hate talking politics. I'm a writer who just wants to entertain with dumb little things that will make you laugh, or at least say something thoughtfull. Mindless entertainment. But Yesterday, I had to say something. I've been reading lots of blogs from Spot On to News From Me to all types of blogs who have their opinion. Well, you heard mine. And, I'm sticking to it.

I have too many folks asking me here in the real world what I think and I usually try to skirt the answer. It loses friends when you talk about who's in office these days and I need all the friends I can get. So, if anyone really wants to know how I stand, I'll just tell 'em to come here. They don't like it, fine. Go to Homestar Runner. I'm just trying to make folks laugh here.

I heard about this story today concerning Denzel Washington and Katie Couric in an interview. Is he a great actor or is he a closet Republican who could be blackballed if he spoke out? You be the judge on this one. Needless to say, my problem is, quote Jadakiss, why did Denzel hadda be crooked to get that award?


Blogger Ed Cunard said...

Homestar Runner makes my damn day...

I actually am not allowed to watch the RNC, as my wife says we can't afford a new TV if I put my foot through the one we've got now.

7:54 AM  

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