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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I Am Going To Dragon*Con And Nothing Can Stop Me!®

That is my new mantra for the next few days. Notice the copywrite. Y'all think I'm playin'. I'm goin' and that's that. The folks at the clinic were wondering what I would do in case Hurricane Francis blows our way. I told them continue to crawl behind Warren Ellis like the plebian I am. There was then howls of laughter coming from my mouth after I told them I planned this months ago!. Suckas!!! Then, I ran out of the room holding my arm over my face like a cape, going "Nyaa-ha-ha!" like Dishonest John.

'Cause I'm Going TO Dragon*Con And Nothing Can Stop Me!®

I have prayed and prayed and prayed for this moment for a long time. Five years. I mean, FIVE YEARS HERE, PEOPLE. I'm like Ben Affleck when he found out J-lo had a fake ass. I am so gone, your heads will spin. I love you all, deeply, madly, truly. However, I'm Going To Dragon*Con And Nothing Can Stop Me!®

God, I wish I could take you all with me. I want you to be there as the big grin slides across my face as I step off the plane. To hear my yelps as I walk into the convention, knowing that I come this far. And the tears on my face when I realize that it's all over and I have to go back to what my life was before all the fun. I know it's only two days. I know it's only in the same state. I know I could have driven four hours to get there. But, I don't get to do this kind of stuff. This, to me, is bliss. This is joy. All that I want in this world. I am going to be happy for once.


Wanna go?


Blogger Pandora said...

Yes, I want to go!

Have a good time at Dragon*con, Sam and don't let anyone stop you! :-)

9:11 AM  

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