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Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Durty Durty

Well, I'm here in the ATL. The flight was ok, but it was a bear getting around Hartsfield Airport. First, I didn't realize that they had people movers to get you to your baggage. Not an escalator like The Jetsons, but a friggin' subway. Then, I wound up taking The MARTA subway from the airport to get to Midtown, so another first, as it was I'd never been on one before, nonetheless a train. I got a lot to look foward to as I get older.

One more thing...My friend Ronnie told me that not only is this weekend Dragon*Con, but it's also BLACK MALE GAY PRIDE WEEKEND here in Atlanta. Turns out The Regency Suites is filled with BLACK GAY MALES. All but one. Sorry, fellas. But chicks dig me and I did the chicks.

I wonder what would happen if a war broke out between the gay men and the fanboys from the con? OOOOH, would that be funny as hell.

ANyway, I'm off to the Hyatt Regency Downtown. I got the Camera, so I'm taking pics. Hopefully of some goth chicks I can show these guys around here.

By the way, if there are any gay males reading this post, I'm deeply sorry. But I'm here for only two things while I'm on vacation. Hubba Hubba, ladies.


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