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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bigger Than Biggie and Tupac

I think we have a new Late Shift Battle: East Coast/West Coast IIĀ® .

After posting my feelings last night, I got to take a look at what others are saying. Once again Mark Evanier has made his feelings clear, via email after I sent him a link to my last post.

"And I linked to you even though I don't agree. I also don'tdisagree. I just enjoy the guy most of the time. Frankly, lately, I prefer Jon Stewart and Conan to both Dave and Jay."

Point noted and taken, Mark. I think Jon and The Daily Show is possibly the funniest out there and Conan coming very close. I will always support Dave however, because he reminds me of what a talk show host was and should be. Funny, entertaining, and conversational. I never see that with Jay, while Jon, if given a full hour, could pull that off well. Others, as it seems, don't agree with our feelings about Jon, as it looks David at Better Living has his own feelings. I hate to say this, but it may be political when it comes to Stewart's show to David, it seems to me. No doubt, all of this is going to seperate the nation like Bush/Kerry, only funnier, in some ways. In the long run, something like this will spike the ratings on both Dave and Jay's show until Jay splits or 'til Dave feels he's bored withthe whole thing. But, I do expect this new Five Year War, as I now call it (trademarked) to be the most interesting television out there. I'm rooting for my boy Dave to win, by a close margin. Takers?


Blogger david said...

Nope -- no politics at all -- I just think Stewart is completely un-funny. If it was due to politics, he'd probably make me angry (like Maher) -- but instead, Stewart just bores me.

2:34 PM  

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