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Sunday, September 05, 2004


I didn't go to the Con today. I had to play catch up with everyone today. What a day it was.

I got some great sleep today here at the Regency Suites, proud sponsor of the Johnson
Family Vacation. I woke up just in time for the Coninental Breakfast of a bagel, juice, coffee and a danish. Afterwards, I took a shower and met up with my best bud and co-producer of the old "Underground Savannah" TV show, Ronnie Faust, and his fiance, Bernedete, who the G.M. of The Regency. By the way, if your in the ATL, stop on in and tell 'em I sent ya. We wound up going out for lunch, which was fine. Then Ronnie and I hung out like old times catching each other up with what's going on.

I got home a little later and took a nap when my brother Rocky called. I think I may have told you about him. 34 years old, three great kids and a beautiful wife. Anyway's he came by about 6:30 and we did something I haven't done in along time. I saw my sister Patricia.

Let me say now that I have problems with most of, well, alot of my family. Being black, I come from a faith based family. Not to say that it's wrong, but for the most part it makes some folks higher than thou. I think that's what's happened to them, which is sad because it's alienated me. It's bad enough that all both Rocky and myself come from different fathers, but this brings confusion as well. Shame.

Fortunatly, Tricia isn't that way. Ever since Mom died in '82, we've grown alot closer than I have with most of my other sisters and brothers. Rocky, Tricia and I get along great together, which is good, since I still need family. Speaking of which, it's gotten bigger now that Tricia had given birth to a baby boy named Jovan. I should mention that Tricia is 47 years old and her husband Rubin is the same age. They both went to Savannah High and then slpit apart, only to meet up and marry in 1985. That, and now the birth of Jovan, proves to me that love still exists in this world.

We had a wonderful reunion together. My nephews and nieces, all ranging from 26 to 2 months, surrounding me. Friends like Sandra Gant, who also went to school with Tricia and who was like a surrogate sister was there with her husband, Richard. And then, there are the photos. My God, the photos. Pictures I have not seen in close to 22 years of family. I saw pictures of myself that threw me for a big loop. I never new I was that small or even that cute. You'll see 'em soon. Hush.

When it was all over, I felt sad. But, I know that I still have them all to lean on, and they can call me anytime. What a feeling.

Ok, I gotta wrap this up since I'm using the hotel computer. I'll be back tomorrow with more from the Con and other wild things. Hopefully, I'll find Warren Ellis this time. I finally found my family again, so Ellis ought to be a snap.



Blogger Monkey said...

Sounds like quite the day my friend!

Happy Labor Day to you amigo!

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Frankly, I think this whole Dragon Con thing (although I'm insanely jealous) is a scam. Admit it, you were really there for BLACK GAY MALE PRIDE WEEKEND. I always thought Haji Paji was kind of sweet...

More shocking news, of course, was that Ronnie has a fiancee. Hope that he's doing well and has given up wearing those goddamn baseball hats...

Looking forward to more con news....

The Texas Tornado

10:02 AM  

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