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Monday, August 30, 2004

A new addition to the family!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a proud papa. I've just given birth to a two ton baby with a drinking problem.

As of 4:10 P.M., August 30, 2004, I hae given the world Tales Of The Mercury Lounge . I came up with the idea in the bar last night after talking with one of the bartenders. It was something I was planning on writing about anyway as a sort of ficional novel, but I thought why not make it real. I can tell some of the stories and show some photos, but after all, what happens in The Lounge stays in The Lounge. I've set it up for them, but I plan on letting them do most of the work. Just look for me, as The Lizard, to tell tales and spin lies, all the while getting folks around the world to check out The Best Bar In The World. I hope this baby grows into a big ol' thing just like it's big brother.


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