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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Last Comic WHAAAA?

Well, down to the final six in L.C.S. 2. Tammy was just booted. I am sooo glad, since she came off like a smuttier version for Fran Dresher, if someone could be that more smutty. But I just heard on NBC that L.C.S. 3 will feature comics from 1 and 2. It will finally explain what happened to Dat Phan, thank God. But, it also brings back ANT. Would someone PLEASE pimp slap this Mario Cantone wannabe and tell him he's not funny? This jackhole has been on the show twice so far and lost both times. Do you THINK he's gotten the picture? No one, NO ONE likes you from everyone I've heard or seen from. I hate, Hate, HATE, HATE him.

I'm sorry. I really hate the guy. Let's all pray that Dave Mordell comes back to win it all.

Ok, now Kathleen got booted. I liked her, but she's already had a Comedy Central Presents showcase, so she'll be fine. John Heffron beat her however, so that should make Pandora happy.

Now it's Jay versus Alonzo. "From years of playing Kiss records, my stereo now has mono. Thenk you." That was Jay.

" I can make fun of Nascar fans 'cause if they chase me, I'll just turn right." That was Alonzo.

Did I mention I hate Ant?

I need to mention Jay Mohr. He's a great comic with wonderful timing. Yeah, I'll admit he looks like could sell you a used motor home, but he's good. He's done the short lived sitcom "Action", "Paulie" one of the greatest guy movies of all time about a parrot with good vocabulary, and does a killer Walken. If Walken is our patron saint, Jay is his backup.

Ok, 'Zo has beaten Jay. So it's him, Heffron and Gary Gulman in the final three. This is a toughie. We'll see.


Blogger Pandora said...

Yes, Pandora is very, very happy that John Heffron made it to the finals! :-) I also saw that LCS 3 is the comics from 1 and 2. I totally agree that Dave Mordell should come back to win it all. I was so upset when he was booted off!

And I wondered who Tammy reminded me is Fran Dresher! :P Thank you for jogging my memory. I was surprised that neither of the women made it to the finals.

I believe Gary Gulman will win. I don't want him to but I can see it going that way.

And....I hate ANT as well.

Happy Friday, Sam!

8:12 AM  

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