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Friday, August 13, 2004

Dis an' Dat

Well, I made it thru Charley. Savannah has a way of having near misses when it comes to hurricanes. The closest we've ever come was David back 1979. It has to do with air pressure coming from the northwest pushing towards the southeast, giving us the leeway of watching North Carolina get bashed. Sorry, N.C. .We're still here for you.

While we were all freaking out here, I had to go to dialyisis today, in case there was an evacuation. I thought I was having a heart attack while I was running around trying to take care of crap. Fortunetly yet ironicly, it turns out that I'm just stressed out from too much stuff. I have been saying I need a vacation and no one believes me. Well, I bet you do now.

Thanks to ESP for the heads up an a great article on Rick James. By the way, ESP has updated his site, including a great opening for his links. Tre Cool, but really. I don't think I deserve to be in the same group as Warren Ellis and Ted Rall. I'm too modest for that, but thanks for putting me there.

I'm thinking of starting a new reader drive. Here's the gist...Tell all our friends about the blog, then have them tell their friends. Soon, we'll have a network of bloggers, then we can take over the web! BWAAAA-HAAA-HAAAA!

I was serious about that. So get started.


Blogger ESP said...

Aw, shucks.. Thanks, yo. Nice words to see on a somewhat crummy day. Cheers!

5:55 PM  

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