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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Chicken In The Remix

Dave at Better Living Thru Blogging must have been in a whimsical mood when the only post he had up for the day was "CHICKEN IN THE MIX". Somehow a simple word can become a great catchphase that can last forever.

My ex-wife and I had what I thought was not a great catchphrase, but a great moment. Remember "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" where Snoopy made the meal for the day and it turned out to be anything but turkey? Do you remember how upset Peppermint Patty was when she saw it? Now, imagine if Patty was a 'round the way girl?

Peppermint Pattrelle: "What the f*** is s$&% you got on this table? Popcorn? Dry toast? Aw, hell no! I know you ain't planning on feedin' us this s%$# for Thanksgiving, fool. WHo the F&^^% you think you are, tellin' me this this supposed to be Thanksgiving!? I will kick yo a$& tryin to feed me this s%^$&! You ain't even got no Kool Aid to wash this dry s^%* down! (Flips table over in anger with one hand.) You know what? F*&* this s&^( ! Marcie! Get yo s&*& and let's go! G*&^*dammed dumba&^&^ dog tryin' to kill me before Christmas!"

I guess you had to be there when we did it every Thanksgiving. I finally got to talk to her a few days ago. It was civil. We actually got to talk on the phone for awhile without arguing. Then, Charlie Brown came up and the memories started flowing about Turkey Day. It was one of the best conversations we've had since the divorce.

Not to sound bittersweet, but damn I wish I could do it again.


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