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Monday, August 02, 2004


Well, so much for pomp and circumstances. I had planned on having a guest blog over the weekend to celebrate and to take some time off. However, the guest host Monkey, was unable to do so due to his own commitments which he couldn't get out of. Thanks Monkey. You're a good man, but I guess I gotta do it.

You want the truth? I didn't really want to write this one. After the (I'm trying not to curse here. I never really have and I don't want to start.) crap that happened to me up til today, I knew nothing good would come from this. But, I must push on. I must keep this going. BLAH BLAH FRICKIN' BLAH.

I never got the tire fixed til Saturday. The tire I bought on Friday ran out of air the moment I drove it. It went flat in front of THE MEN'S TRANSITIONAL CENTER. I had prisoners laugh at me for an hour while I tried to get someone to help me. I called everyone, from my roommates who helped me put it on ("Dude, we're already on the southside. You're on your own".), to Monette (remember her?) who didn't have a jack in her trunk, but did have a phonebook there, to the lovely f-ers at Pop-a-lock, who mistook me for a woman while I was trying to ask for help, then hung up before I could even tell them I was a man. The day went from Dang to DAMMIT to NO FRICKIN' WAY. I finally got a friend to get me air for the tire and I finally got home just in time to see that the tire had gone flat AGAIN.

Stay with me on this, y'all. Please. You seem the be the only folks I can talk to anymore...That's sober. For the most part.

I was hot, sweaty and pissed off and had to be at (shudder) Wet Willie's in an hour, so I took a quick shower and called a cab. After that, it was Hell. Lord, I dread that place. This I why I JUST GAVE UP MY SATURDAY NIGHTS TO STAY AWAY FROM FRICKIN' DRUNKS AND REST. Friday nights however are still screwed. I was so tired of the place, I turned to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show to give me relief. But when it was over, it was back to normal. So as soon as it was over, I snuck off to a bar that didn't know me and had a shot of Jameson. I then fond a friend in another bar and he proceeded to buy me a glass of Belgium beer. That's when I got drunk.

I know, I know. But it's been a bad week. I have no excuses, however. I called a cab and slept it off. That's over. Let's move on.

I got up the next day and called a GOOD, SOBER FRIEND over and we started working on the tire. We took the old one off and took it back to the place I got it from, only to find out even though they had a sign that said "Open Saturday from 9 to 5:30", they were closed with no warning. NO FRICKIN' WAY . We got a new tire, it worked, I missed dialysis this day because of all the crap and stayed home. I didn't move.

Sunday, quiet. Goood.

Monday, I made up for missing dialysis by going in. I fond out I had too much fluid weight by missing Saturday and could have had congestive heart failure if I didn't show up sooner. I felt worst than I usually do after the clinic and came home feeling like crap. That's how we got to this point.

For 200 posts, you have seen me in all sorts of moods. This one is no different forn all the others. But I get tired of complaining and whining. Sorry for that, folks. BUT I NEVER EVEN GOT TO GO TO SIX FLAGS!!!Do you understand that I just wish I could disappear for a day and act like YOU? It's never happen, but I 'LOL wish and pray that one day it'll happen. I'm fated to be me. I must have some purpose in life, otherwise I still wouldn't be here, even after all that's happening. Maybe this is it. I hope you're still with me when we get to the next two hundred. Thanks for putting up with me. Let me know if I'm a pain in the tush.

And, if you ever wondered if this page had a theme song, it's this one. "Wouldn't It Be Good", by Nik Kershaw. It fits like a glove here.


Blogger ESP said...

Hang in there, man.. "strikes and gutters," said The Dude.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Ankit Gupta said...

That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Bronchitis said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

3:42 AM  

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