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Monday, July 05, 2004

Michael Moore and Me

My blog idol, Mark Evanier pointed out on his site that Michael Moore has a blog now. I checked it out and got ticked. How dare another celebrity try to make themselves hip by getting a blog. They never update them and they never have readers post comments because they now that someone will say they suck. So, in the tradition of Mr. Moore, I wrote him a letter.


I saw your movie. You delivered on that. However, let's talk about your blog.

"Hey, my first blog entry! Welcome fellow bloggers and blog readers! Blog doggers and blog loggers." If I wanted to be patronized, I'd watch Romper Room.

"As one who blogs EVERYDAY, I like to keep folks updated on what's going on like you. I'm a fellow democrat myself, but the blog is something I take seriously. If you plan on doing this, then don't take the typical celeb route by just posting when you feel like it. Get to it AT LEAST every other day. Also, a real blog has a spot where readers can add comments. If you want this to be a blog instead of just some plain old diary, then get your webmaster to put it there. If you are the honorable man you say you are, then you'll do this. I'm not doing this for democrats OR republicans. I'm doing this for bloggers everywhere who believe in what they do. You've said it before to Bush, we say it to you. Do the right thing, Mike. Thanks.

Sam Johnson"

And, THAT'S my Un-review of "Fahrenheit 9/11".

UPDATE Ok...Here's what happened. I had this post set up to launch sometime this morning. However, It must have gotten screwed up along the way and Posted three times. For those of you who saw it earlier, I apologize.

But, at least you know I'm consistant.


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